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Vivid to Blonde in one day…. Remington Harrow shares their Secrets.

What is a colour correction?

Colour correction is a term used to ‘fix’ a colour service that a client isn’t happy with. This can be as little as using a toner to neutralise yellow and brassy orange tones on lightened hair, or as drastic as removing black by a home hair dye kit. Everyone’s’ hair is different; therefore every single colour correction process will be different.

Toners are referred to as a hairdressers magic wand! Traditionally in colour correction services toners are used to counteract or neutralise unwanted tones, but the use of toners stretches far beyond that. When they are applied to pre lightened hair they transform the colour, giving industry professionals the upper hand over any unwanted tones, but could also enhance warmth or add a dash of playfulness to an existing colour. You will find that these are one of the most commonly used products in the industry today, particularly to achieve those ashy, dusty or platinum colours. With a life span of 6-8 weeks, toners are really a game changer for the clients that like to change their hair frequently, allowing stylists to change colours without a full colour correction on their hands on each visit. Thinking of going blonde? Refer back to our previous blog ‘Blonde means business’!

Generally permanent hair colour will remain in your hair until your hair grows out. Ever got bored of your hair colour and been tempted by the home DIY colour stripping tips? Soaking your hair in Vinegar, vitamin c tablets and hot water, baking soda or anti dandruff shampoo? No matter how well any of these tricks have worked for you we do not recommend them! Always leave it to the professionals!

Andreea, one of our Colour Masters often keeps inspiration flowing by trying out different colour cocktails on her model guests. This time she chose vivid colours. Her guest is very open minded and trusting of Andreeas’ capabilities and knowledge and in her own words said ‘Go crazy, do what you want!’ Her latest look was Lucky Duck and Clover Green by Matrix SOCOLOR Cult. Inspiration came from the Northern Lights and how beautifully entwined the shades look on the night sky.

The client returned after 7 weeks and said she wanted to go back to blonde for her graduation which was a few months away! Andreea accepted the challenge!

Using her in depth knowledge of products Andreea created a formula that was able to cleanse vivid hair dye and get the client back to blonde in one day without the damage!!  She mixed together; powder lightener Lightmaster, RAW Uplift Shampoo and Bond Ultim8 treatment, and to all of our amazement it worked!

RAW Uplift shampoo with black sesame and grapefruit has purifying properties, which mixed in with powder lightener acts as a magnet drawing out the green pigments, leaving behind a warm blonde. Even though no ammonia was used during this service, Andreea protected the hair by injecting our Re Bonding treatment Bond Ultim8 in the cleansing formula.

Her guests’ hair was then toned to remove some of the warmth, which then left behind a beautiful golden blonde. See the journey below.

Looking to get a colour correction, or even just wanting to go lighter for the summer? We can help! Here at Remington harrow we are proud to say that we have 4 in salon Colour Masters who have been trained to the highest standard in colour. They will never give false hope, they are honest from the moment you step into the salon and work together with their guests to achieve the best results possible.

Book in for a colour consultation today!

Formula: 1 part bleach + 2 parts uplift RAW shampoo + bond. You heard it here first!

colour correctioncolour correction


When she left the salon with her new look

Colour correction

7 weeks after before colour correction

colour correction

After Colour Correction



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