Sustainability at rh hair farnham

Sustainable hair salon in farnham Surrey

We do our very best to be environmentally friendly by using vegan friendly and against animal cruelty products. We are proud to use NVNT due to their range of 96% naturally derived ingredients.

Our gowns and towels are 100% biodegradable.

We have LED lights throughout the salon.

As an environmentally sensitive hair salon in Farnham, Surrey, we work hard to eliminate unnecessary waste materials and pollution and reduce our carbon footprint by using disposable products wherever we can.

We take care and attention in every choice we make selecting fair trade products when possible that still deliver excellent results and work to improve and protect the quality of your hair, scalp and skin.

For example, to help reduce our water intake we use ECOHEADS shower-heads which are made of recycled plastic and reduce water intake by an incredible 65%. Better yet, they are 100% recyclable and use a unique filtration-system that ionises the water and removes sediments, which helps to leave the hair feeling cleaner and healthier. 

We also partner with an organisation called ‘Green Salon Collective’ who provide a solution with a ZERO to landfill policy!! And using waste to benefit the environment, such as hair being used as Hair booms and mats. It’s no secret that hair absorbs oil — we’ve all had oily hair at some point!

We use a lot of foil in our Industry and metals (colour tubes). It’s all salon metals that are being sent to landfill.

A major issue for many council collections is that your foils are too dirty and contaminated. They risk leaching onto other materials and could make EVERYTHING not fit for recycling!

We use chemicals and no matter how gentle your colour and bleach is for hair, we must keep it away from the natural environment. ​ The current options of down the sink or into landfills are the worst possible solutions for any toxic chemicals. ​

Over time, the colour and bleach leach toxins that form part of leachate.  Leachate is the liquid formed when waste breaks down in the landfill and water filters through that waste.

This liquid is highly toxic and can pollute our soil and groundwater, and become an environmental hazard for years.

But recycling everything including hair, metals and chemicals and making sure nothing goes to landfill

*a £1.00 ‘green fee’ charge will be added to all services to cover the extra expense 


Our vision is to raise and improve standards by enabling us to become more ethical and create sustainable environments

Visit RH Hair in Farnham and be rest assured we are doing our best. Look good, feel good and do good!


I have been going to Remington Harrow in the past year and their communications, care and expertise in all things to do with hair have been excellent.

Veronica Austin

I have used Remington Harrow for the last ten years and I can thoroughly recommend the level of care and expertise in their services. Great hair cuts good banter and a friendly atmosphere.

Pat Turtle

Always very attentive and really listen to you., great stylists and service too x

Suzanne Gilespie

I felt that my hair needed a change and I saw an article about Remington Harrow’s award winning salon in my local paper. I decided to give it a go and haven’t looked back. I now always have my hair cut and coloured by Andreea and am more than happy every visit. So pleased I made the change.

Sandie S

I have been using Remington Harrow 8 years. The team are always really friendly and welcoming. Jack has been cutting my hair all this time and every appointment is like visiting an old friend. He knows exactly how to work with my hair and is really knowledgeable about hair colouring

Anita Coppock

Top class haircut with very friendly service in a safe environment 🙂

Elaine Wilson

I have been to Remington Harrow for years. The staff are always really friendly and professional, and take the time to talk to you about what you want out of your appointment. It’s a lovely calm atmosphere and I feel really valued. Always a good hair cut/colour.

Gillian Tomlinson

I’ve been going to Remington Harrow for some years now and have always had compliments on my hair colour (by Jack). I’m really happy with the service provided and will continue to get my hair cut and coloured there.

Sharon Hill

Been going here for years wouldn’t go anywhere else. Everyone is so friendly, even on my first visit I was made to feel welcome. Great atmosphere and very relaxing. I can’t praise them enough. Even now with all the Covid measures in place it’s a great place, very friendly atmosphere and felt totally safe. They have the best colour technicians, so knowledgeable. No matter what your having done, be it a hair cut, blow dry, highlights or full hair colour they listen to what you want. Great team.

Lyn lloyd

Always a great service, with great coffee as well !

Richard Lansdown

Great cut, nice people and really well setup to mitigate Covid-19 worries.

Paul M

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