Remington Harrow Salon in Farnham has joined the Green Salon Collective Company, with an aim of becoming a more eco-friendly salon.

Danny Wrigglesworth and his team have been part of the project for around two months after he saw it on BBC’s the One Show, and mentioned how he thinks it has been extremely beneficial since hairdressers are one of the most  wasteful shops especially in terms of recycling. Green Salon Collective came up with the idea of filling cotton or nylon tubes with hair of any kind, and so when placed in water or on the shores, they will prevent oil from spreading, saving wildlife and the landscape.

recycle hair

Danny said “I do consider myself an environmental -friendly person and I always go out of my way to make sure I’m doing the correct thing for the environment”

He confirmed he uses LED lights which are better for the environment, and when washing hair he uses a special spray which reduces water usage by 60 per cent.

He has encouraged other salons to join the initiative recognising that too many hairdressers are throwing all their waste , no matter what it be, into a general waste bin, which is harmful to the planet.

He said “if 60 to 70 per cent of hair salons in the UK joined the scheme it would be so beneficial and our planet would be a lot better off”


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