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Remington Harrow are known as experts in colour due to having 4 colour masters in the salon, one of them being a Schwarzkopf Master. Their colour Master journey involved a 10 course and included a practical and theory exam as well as a presentation on colour influences.

Our other 3 stylists have completed a 10 day journey at the matrix academy in Hammersmith involving intense colour theory. Giving the stylists the tools to be able to attack whatever is thrown at them with great confidence and ease.

However Social media and filters have given hair dressers a new much needed role:

‘The Hairgican’ – people who create magic for a client without a wand!

We often ask our guests to bring in images of their desired looks however when it comes to colour, social media and filters can blur the clients expectations when it comes to the reality of the finished look. Quite often lots of these vivid colours are actually impossible to achieve.

Check out the following images that show filters at their best.

colour blog Colour blog

What a lot of clients are un aware of is that there are chemical processes and scientific principles behind what we do. This kind of makes us crazy hair scientists!

Before colouring anyone’s hair, hairdressers and stylists have to do tests to make sure they’ll be able to get the result their client wants. These can be elasticity tests to check the hair won’t be damaged by the colour, or skin tests to check for allergic reactions.

We at Remington Harrow strive to give perfection and success to our guests and WILL never compromise the hair’s integrity.

Your stylist will also match the current colour of your hair with their colour chart. The first colour wheel was developed by Sir Isaac Newton, but hairdressers still use them today to think about the shades and tones they need to achieve the colour they want. The chart is firstly used to find out what your natural base colour is, from this we can then work out the underlying pigment. It is important to find out what colour we will expose first which is why we work with anti orange, anti yellow and anti brass products. This process is particularly important when working with Blondes. All of these factors need to be checked before even thinking of going ahead with any colour especially blondes.

We offer a free 30 minute colour consultation with a stylist of our guest’s choice. This will give them a chance to discuss with the stylist their colour desires and possibilities. We can then choose a colour technique that is bespoke for that client informing them of the maintenance cost and frequency. We can also offer colour alternatives to get as close to that clients individual needs and expectations fitting in with their everyday lifestyle and budget.

Often non coloured clients are worried about colour damage, we offer a free biolage milk rinse for all clients that book in with one of our colour masters. This is an after colour service. When performing any colour service the hairs ph level increases to 10.5 which is alkali, we would then use our milk rinse which is an acidic conditioner to bring it back down to natural ph level 4.5 to 5.5. The milk rinse provides an extra caring step after a colour service, noticeably softening, smoothing and re balancing hairs ph.

We also offer treatments such as Matrix Bond Ultim8 which protects and preserves bonds in the hair, which can usually be broken down during the bleaching and lightening service.

Why Not Book in for a free colour consultation and come and see for yourself how our colour masters really are ‘Hairgicans’ today at Remington Harrow in Farnham!


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