blonde hair in Farnham


Here are a few things to consider…

First things first what shade of blonde will best suit you?

Leaving it to the professionals and booking in a colour consultation with your hair dresser is highly advised when making a change in hair colour; however here is an idea of how we help come to the conclusion on choosing the right colour for you…

Working from the colour of your eyes informs the colour decision hugely;

Blue eyes with a fair skin tone should focus on light blondes, caramel blondes and strawberry blonde.

Blue eyes with medium to darker skin tones should work with the cooler shades and silver undertones of platinum blonde.

Light brown eyes match perfectly with a toffee ombre which is a shimmery brown that fades into a dark blonde.

Those with green eyes have to be careful when working with blonde; Green eyes with a Pink skin tone a toffee blonde and strawberry blonde works beautifully, however green eyes with a darker, tan, yellow tinge or olive skin tone should steer well away from blonde.

If you have Hazel eyes it is your lucky day! You can literally play with which ever colour you would like to extenuate from your eyes; if you would like to focus on bringing out the warm golden glow of the eye then you should work with the strawberry, caramel or honey blondes. Blues and greens are highlighted with light and platinum blondes and a toffee ombre brings out the green and gold in the eye.

Believe it or not but changing your hair colour means changing your makeup, particularly when it comes to your lipstick. The rule is the lighter your hair and skin colour is the brighter you can go with your lipstick! But again we highly recommend that following your hair appointment you pop into a makeup counter and get matched up correctly, you might as well make it a 9-5 pamper day!

Here at Remington Harrow we have 4 colour masters who would be happy to book you in for a colour consultation and get the right colour for you! Because remember Blondes mean business!

We offer a complimentary hair colour consultation to talk through your requirements and help you decide which colour service would be best for you (please don’t book online if you aren’t certain which colour service you want – give us a call instead so we can help you with the available options). Call Today on 0152 724084

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